Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Death to Landscapers

I hate them, I despise them...Excuse my language but they can go straight to hell! I don't know for what reason but it seems like every single morning those POS landscapers are blowin' and mowin' and edgin' all round my apartment...WHY!? Once a week, okay I can see...but they are there AT LEAST 3 mornings a week disturbing my last 30-45 minutes of precious sleep! Anyone who cherishes sleep like I do knows that last 30 minutes is precious and not to be disturbed.

I've always had a huge gripe with any sort of landscaping noise making equipment. I would have to say it is my biggest pet peeve. Being woken up by a mower at 9am on a Saturday morning when I was a teenager. Or outside my office window while I was trying to talk on the phone or work at my job. Now at the freaking apartment complex 3 days of the week at 7am. Seriously, if I had a gun in my apartment...I would be going to jail for murder because I would pick them off one by one. And it would feel good.

The biggest complaint I have is....what the heck are they even mowing? There is not a speck of grass anywhere around the back buildings in my complex. They make the front look all nice and lush and green and the back is one giant mud pit. I have to walk through 3 inch mud puddles to get to my apartment every time it rains. Its disgusting.

I cannot wait to get the hell out of these apartments. December can not come soon enough.

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1966forever said...

I know - I agree with you!
I don't understand the obsessive need to have everything manicured and measured with a ruler. It's nature, you know, leaves, grass, plants, flowers, sand.

Is it a safety concern because of slippy leaves? No! They always seem to miss them in the fall. But God forbid there should be a bit of loose sand or some grass in the car park. Someone might trip over it!

Apartment complexes here in America must shell out tons of cash for these intrusive, annoying services, and it seems to be just for aesthetics' sake. After a good dose of grass cutting I am sneezing and coughing like mad, owing to a nice combination of pollen and exhaust fumes. Talking on the phone, getting some rest, watching the news or listening to the radio is out of the question. After all, this is America, so we'd better be caffeinated and doing jumping jacks after seven in the morning anyway, right? Supposedly we're not supposed to be home at that time for we might be found to be idle, possibly subjected to accusation that we have too much free time (a Puritanism-inspired expression if there ever was one)

Just one of the downsides of living in Pleasantville, I guess.
Sorry, I am not anti-American, but we do have some whacked-out priorities.

Thanks for your blog post, it was a fun read, and oh so true.

BTW I am typing this while waiting for those damn LANDSCAPERS to go away.