Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brain dump.

I am so glad that Summer is finally here. I mean, I know since I am a working girl that summer does not really produce the same joy that it did when I was in school and I could live free for 3 months...but alas I am a summer baby and I still love me some summer!

Speaking of being a Summer birthday is coming all better put it on your calendars! June 28th! Don't you forget it! Best day of the year, it is! I am going to be 26. UGH...did I just say that out loud? I can't quite figure out when I stopped feeling excited about being another year older and started to dread it. I would say it was shortly after 21. No more monumental coming of ages to be had anymore. Just oldness. 26 is....half way to 50! OH MY GAWD. *faints*

Sorry about that...just practicing my Scarlett impression. I do live in Georgia you know.

Speaking of my birthday...I have something planned that I have never done on my birthday before...a birthday trip! We are planning a girls weekend to Charleston. It will be my Great-Grandma Et, Maw Maw Jan, my Mom, Me, my Sister and possibly my Aunt Jeanne. Should be fabulous. Where better to spend your birthday than in the most genteel city in the south?

Then family vacay will be not long after that. No plans have been made yet (big surprise) but my parents always wait till the very last minute to plan these things. I think they live for the thrill of the last minute. "Will we be able to find a condo?" They love it. I, for one, hate it. Somehow between their genes I got the love to plan ahead gene. I could and would plan a vacation a year in advance. Last minute does not thrill me!

I am totally addicted to this Beverly Lewis serise right now. OMG. Let me tell you. There are 5 books in the series, I started book number 1 ehh...less than 2 weeks ago. I finished book #4 in one night 2 nights ago and now I am sitting in the edge of my seat to get #5 from Barnes and Should be here any day now. The books are about an Amish family in Lancaster County. Which is where my family happens to be. Who knew the Amish had so much drama! These things are like "As the Butter Churns" or "Lancaster General Hospital". I am eating it up! I am going to be so sad when I finish the last book in the series. Then what will I do? Ugh.

Well, I could probably brain dump for another hour but I am sure you are bored by now and are probably thinking about your weekend plans or that you need to brush your teeth or something far more interesting than my ramblings so I will let you go.

Love, Peace and Taco Grease!

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