Monday, February 16, 2009

Love me or hate me its still an obsession....

Undoubtedly, and with reference to my previous post, I love Old Navy. I love their styles, their values. It’s a great combination. I like to be stylish but I want more bang for my buck. Usually I am singing their praises.

Well today, I am armed with a complaint. This isn’t a new complaint. In fact its one I have had with ON since we first started our love affair, many many years ago.


I always have and probably always will. No matter the change in styles (ultra low waist) or change in name (flirty), they always suck for me. I have found people that love them and hate them (I worked there for a year) but I fear I will never again be the proud owner of a pair.

I think they are prejudiced against women with large thighs. I don’t think actually, I know. I can try on a pair in my size and not even be able to get them all the way up! Granted, yes, I may have larger than average thighs but Jesus, most women’s thighs are larger than their upper arms! Go up a size, okay at least I can get them up but my legs look like Vienna sausages and I could fit a toddler in the waist with me.

The other thing that perplexes me is the only jeans I have found that I really love are Gap jeans. Yes, The GAP, parent company to, you guessed it, Old Navy. Gap jeans fit my thunder thighs like buttah, but put a dent in my ever lean wallet. Why can’t they just get their acts together?

Gimmie some jeans I can love Old Navy!!!

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