Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will it never end? first car was this really awesome vintage Monte was a sweet ride, and I totally loved it! Everytime I would pull up to a gas station, and even some red lights I was always getting offers to buy it. But, it was my baby and I wasn't giving her up!

So, I was working a lame retail job after college and came out one day after work and my baby was gone :-( somebody had stolen her from me!

They never found her....about 6 months later the detective called my dad to say the junkyard had called to clear the VIN cause it had been crushed. They said it was stripped. My poor baby :-(

So parents were so awesome and they let me buy my mom's old mini-van....ok think what you may, but as far as "old" mini-vans go...this one is schweet. Its a Chrysler Town and Country...with all the trimmings...leather and suede interior, heated seats, infinity stereo system...etc etc. Being in your 20's it isn't exactly "cool" to drive your mom's mini-van, but I was super greatful to have a car.

Now, she is just about to hit 10 years old next year....and she is edging up on 100,000 miles...but she is still a great car.

But, it seems the girl is getting a bit ornery in her old age. This 6 seems like everything is going wrong with her!!! She is falling apart!

-the starter
-circut board in the dash making my gauges not work
-the seat control module stopped working, now no power seats
and NOW

the freaking steering wheel! About 2 weeks ago I noticed that the volume control on the steering wheel wasn't working....oh well I thought, its no biggie. Thennnn the Airtbag light started coming on! Crap! Thennn my horn stopped working! Double crap! Now the airbag light stays on constantly.

So I look online and yep, there is a recall on something called the "clockspring" whatever that is. But it says they will only fix it on "certain" vehicles. My old girl better be one of those "certain" models or Chrysler is going to get a mini-van sized suppository.

And a big shout out my my dear old Dad for helping me and fixing all these problems...he is the awesomest! I love you Dad!

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