Friday, October 24, 2008

Its your Friday Cell phone crappy photo upload!

Dude, my nails are totally awesome! I have painted them to get in to the Halloweeny spirit for my trip to the mountains this weekend. Check them ouuuut!

Yes, they are black with gold sparklies. Your welcome for this crap-tastic photo. I took a better one with my camera, but my cord is at home so you will have to stay tuned to Flickr next week for that one!

Thiiiiiis was my one of my yummy lunches last week. I didn't have my camera to get one of those artsy food photos like those people on flickr....but it looked soooooo good I just had to snap a pic. Again with the shitty photo. You can thank my Motorola Razr *coughpieceofcrap*

This was my yummy bean salad I made for the Atl B meet @ Lindas which consists of: Black Beans, Corn, red bell pepper, fresh cilantro and lime juice (and a few secret ingredients) and sliced an avocado on top. Then, one of my parents neighbors gave my mom a ton of homegrown sweet lil grape tomatoes, so I halved them and marinated them in some olive oil, cilantro and Mrs. Dash. At lunch time I mixed them together and VOILA! Super delish and pretty looking lunch! *pats self on back*

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