Monday, September 29, 2008

Why did you invent Mondays God?

Ugh. I hate Monday mornings. I 'specially despise Monday mornings after I had a long, tiring weekend.

The Chili Cook-Off was ab-so-freakin-lutely fabulous! (even though I can't imagine ever wanting Chili, Brunswick stew or cornbread ever again) Judging this year was alot of fun. Even though I had to taste like 60 different Chilis, about 30 Brunswick stews and 20 corn breads and wanted to lay down and die I was so full. We sat at the best judges table ever and made some fun new friends.(even though one was trying to convince us that Dragon-Con was Gods gift to human kind and was the best place on earth)

Most of the Chilis were dis-gus-ting! But there were a few that were really good. I think I could totally enter that competition...and win. Some peoples ideas of what tastes good are really weird!

Thennnn....afterwards we went and had fun at Crossroads. They have this new attraction called Sky Hike, and it is totally awesome! Its like a ropes course on steroids! You get all harnessed up, and climb up and then you have to do all these obstacles on ropes like 40 feet in the air! Woot! This was my second time, so it was a little less terrifying, but not much!

Then of course, we stayed for the laser show. For those of you who don't know what the laser show are missing out! It's something i've been doing as long as I can remember. A little background: Stone Mountain is this huge granite mountain thingy here in GA. On the side of sed mountain they have carved this memorial to the Civil War. Below sed memorial, they have what they call the memorial lawn. Here, during most of spring, summer and fall, they have the Laser Show Spectacular, where they take lasers and project this show up on the side of the mountain, along with music and fireworks. Its really a sight to behold! It started in 1983, the year I was born, and it was still going strong. Any given weekend you will find thousands of people on blankets picnicking with a good ol' bucket of Kentucky Fried. If you are ever in Atlanta, make sure you visit!!

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