Friday, September 26, 2008

Whooooo! 2 posts in one on a roll people!

So, totally excited about tomorrow. You are reading the blog of a renowned chili cook-off judge! Okay, well not renowned, but pretty darn fabulous! Tomorrow, my friends, is the great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off at Stone Mountain and I get to be a judge! Pretty cool huh? I get to taste hundreds of chilies, Brunswick Stews and Cornbreads. I'm pretty sure i'll be the best judge there.

Stay tuned for pics and tales of my fabulous weekend. Now, I am off to watch my newly aquired DVD of the best movie ever made! You mean you don't know already!!??!? Of course I am talking about Sex and the City. Like, DUH!

Until we meet again my beautiful revoir!

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