Monday, March 22, 2010

100 things inspired by

One of my other bloggers I follow posted her 100 interesting things a few days ago. It inspired me to post.....100 interesting things about me. So, Get in, sit down, hold on, and shut up.

1. I don't drink hot coffee. I drink cold coffee and hot tea.
2. I'm 26 going on 6 and love Hello Kitty.
3. I sleep with one foot off the side of the bed. And sometimes one arm too.
4. I can be physically abusive at times.
5. I have my tongue pierced.
6. I drive too fast.
7. I had my gall bladder out a few years ago.
8. I am meticulous when I fold laundry. My tshirts, jeans and towels must be a certain way.
9. I love, love, LOVE Greek food.
10. I was 3yrs old when my first car was sold.
11. I had a half brother. When I was 14, he committed suicide.
12. My first pet was an orange tabby named Spikey, he lived to be 20yrs old!
13. I wish I could go back to high school and do things over.
14. My favorite number is 24
15. I get depressed, alot.
16. My cats drive me crazy and keep me sane.
17. My Mom was adopted.
18. I'm hairy, for a girl.
19. I wish I had more of a southern accent.
20. I only clean when I can't stand the filth anymore.
21. I went to cosmetology school.
22. I have really, reeeallly bad road rage.
23. I want to kill or maim all landscapers and their instruments of torture.
24. <------YAY! It's #24!
25. I feel guilty for cheating on #24 and not including an interesting thing about me.
26. I love anything and everything Eiffel Tower related.
27. I used to be a freak for Jeff Gordon. Yes, the NASCAR racer.
28. I also used to have daydreams about marrying Conan O'Brien.
29. Funny men are -SO- sexy to me.
30. I also want to marry Vince Vaughn.
31. I hate Captain Crunch. It cuts my mouth!
32. I hate cold weather, but I love snow.
33. I secretly always wanted to live Amish...but just for like a week.
34. Citrus scents make me happy.
35. I am the worlds messiest cook.
36. My favorite movie is Grease....and 99% of all musicals.
37. I love the word Spooty.
38. I hate scary and/or gory movies. I H-A-T-E them!
39. Except I have seen House on Haunted Hill atleast 20 times.
40. I wear flip-flops 3/4 of the year.
41. I'm really, really grumpy in the morning.
42. The above is the gross understatement of the year.
43. I almost always shower at night.
44. I eat lime in and on almost everything.
45. Shopping makes me happy. And Broke.
46. Sometimes, I'm convinced my brother is the Devil's spawn.
47. I have a weakness for Siamese cats. Well, and cats in general.
48. I'm a republican, and proud of it.
49. I'm reallllly picky when it comes to men. I guess that's why I'm still single.
50. I'm happy when I make it 1/2 way through long lists.
51. Speaking of lists, I make them for EVERYTHING. I'm a serial list-maker.
52. I have a thing for writing utensils...and office supplies in general.
53. I play with dolls.
54. I don't like 98% of wine.
55. I have a not so secret girl crush on Pioneer Woman.
56. I have nice cleavage.
57. I have to fight with my pack-ratish, hoarding tendancies.
58. I have an inny belly button.
59. I am a hardcore hypochondriac.
60. My family means everything to me.
61. I don't call my grandma as much as I should. I have guilt about this.
62. I do not like our president and his political agenda.
63. I use my dSLR in fully automatic mode. I don't know how to use it any other way....YET.
64. We are living in a material world and I am a material girl.
65. I'm spoiled.
66. I have the best, best friend in the whole world.
67. I just really want to be accepted and liked.
68. I live paycheck to paycheck.
69. Let's do it. Heh.
70. I have 5 tattoos.
71. I am allergic to fresh cherries. But I love them so I eat them anyway.
72. I cry alot.
73. I want to have children, but no boys. Girls only please.
74. I am so disorganized, it's not even funny.
75. I started volunteering for an animal shelter. It's amazing in every way.
76. I spend 8-10 hours a day on the computer/internet. (7+ for my job and the rest recreational)
77. I'm stubborn as a mule.
78. I'm a mother hen. I will take care of you and worry about you.
79. I make cakes. Like on Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes. Yeah.
80. I love to read. I read trashy romance novels sometimes.
81. I have a hot mom.
82. If you google images "fierce modeling face" my picture shows up on the 3rd page.
83. My birthday is almost exactly half way through the year.
84. I hate phone conversations....especially with people I don't know.
85. I'm a stomach sleeper.
86. My sister, brother and I are all 8 yrs apart...almost to the month.
87. I don't, nor will I ever, play: farmville, petville, yoville or any other facebook time suckers.
88. I am a domestic goddess....well all except for that pesky cleaning part.
89. I'm obsessed with the HBO series, Big Love.
90. I share my birthday with John Elway.
91. I've been told i'm a good kisser.
92. I love to play Texas Hold 'em poker with the boys.
93. My Uncle lives in the house I grew up in.
94. I want to live by the ocean.
95. My entire name is 21 letters long.
96. I am addicted to Diet Coke.
97. I think his tractor's sexy. It really turns me on.
98. I think I could sleep 12 hrs a day and it wouldn't be enough. I'm always tired.
99. I love oldies.
100. I am so glad I made it to 100. Hope you did too.

So there you have it. Happy Monday.

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