Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pee Dub Diddy in the hizouse!

Look, it's a bird, it's a plane.... no, its PIONEER WOMAN!

Last night I got to meet not only one -but two- of my Blogger heroes! (More on the 2nd one later)

Pioneer Woman came to Atlanta for a signing for her brand new cookbook: "The Pioneer Woman Cooks"

I checked and checked again and it was scheduled for 7:30pm at the Borders on Peachtree Road across from Phipps Plaza. I got myself all ready and headed down, I arrived at 5:30 promptly. (yeah! i'm here early and I am ahead of the game!)

Walk in and up to the table set up at the front of the store! I'm here for PDub, where is the front of the line? He laughed. You can take your place behind the 250 people already here...........................

250 PEOPLE!?!?!

Lawd have mercy. Oh and the loverly PW moved the signing up to 6:00 and didn't tell a soul. Thanks girl!

Luckily, they came up with a handy dandy system of colored wristbands so I didn't actually have to stand in a line for all 4 hours. I found a spot on a bench and sat there people watching for the first 2 hours.......

Then I got tired of sitting. So I decided to go stand up near the front and sneak some paparazzi photos of Ree.....

Then I look to my right and who do I see?

None other than my favorite sweets blogger evar.........


Whoops....she caught me, and she started taking pictures right back! Hey Bakerella!

She was so sweet, even held Tory!

Then FINALLY it was my turn to meet Ree. I strode over with confidence! "Hey Ree, Say hello to your new best friend"


Okay, I'll admit it. I was nervous! She is like my hero and all. But, she was complete sweet. She even pretended not to be creeped out that I brought her a gift, by the fact that I had a t-shirt that said "I ♥ PW" and the fact I was holding a doll, with a huge head,eyes and a tiny body?

I think it was all an act. I think, at this very moment she was looking for a way to signal her security to remove me from the premises.

Luckily for me, they missed her signals and I showed her how Tory's eyes change. Look at her face.... Doesn't it just say "Wow, could this girl get any more creepy!?"

But, she put on a good face. She really has some great acting skills. I forget all we said, I just know I was sweating profusely and rambling like an idiot.

Here is the signature in my cookbook:

.......I went to bed a very, very happy (creepy) woman last night!

Thanks Pioneer Woman!


Jenny Brewer said...

awww sounds like you had a super fun night! I am going to have to check out their blogs!

I think today, both of them are frantically searching for their own B girls!


Kristen said...

The funny thing is, a girl that I met at the very first Atlanta Blythe Meet works with Bakerella and was there last night. So I had a great excuse to talk to her. She said she had seen Meimi's dolls and was thinking about getting one! Pioneer Woman was much more skeptical..haha but she does have 2 daughters....so we can still hope! Haha.

Natalia said...

Just linked on here from PW's blog and I am laughing hysterically!

Rebekah said...

What in the world is Tory?! You absolutely have to add a link in; you've got all these people dropping in - make it easy for them! ; )