Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I need your help bbs!

The next cake on my list is a cake for my Great Grandma Et's 96th birthday. It will be a small, family affair...so I am not planning anything too grand, but I do want to go in with an idea and I have had a few different ideas for a theme and I need your help picking one!

The cake will be a White Almond Sour Cream Cake with Almond buttercream

1. Purple fondant with white accents and white daisies with yellow centers.
Et has always loved the color purple, she has alot of purple clothes and it has just been one of her trademarks.

2. Purple iced cupcakes with a white daisy accent
Same idea as above but cupcakes instead

3. "31" card game themed cake with green fondant and Spade, diamond, club and heart accents
Et has always loved to play cards, and she plays this particular game with her family alot and she used to play several times a week with her dear friend Hugh. My idea was to make a themed cake with a green fondant background, fondant playing cards and silver dimes...with the card suits in red and black as accents

4. Red ruby themed cake with swarovski crystal accents and roses
Ruby is the birthstone for July, so my idea was to make a red and white cake (possibly with red roses, fresh or gum paste) and have dangling accents of red swarovski crystals

So, now that you have my ideas....please help me decide!!

Thanks so much in advance!


Jenny Brewer said...

what about three layers each with one of those themes?

or cupcakes with each of those themes?

Whatever you do, she will!!

Jenny Brewer said...

what you do, she will LOVE!

(i think faster than i can type!