Monday, June 1, 2009

catching up....

I am a moody blogger. Yep, I only blog when I am in the mood.

Its JUNE...which means my birthday month starts TODAY! Whoo for 28 days left till I turn 26 and am officially OLD. Urgh. Feel free to send me gifts. Thank you.

My $#%*^%in' cell phone went bezerk on me Saturday and decided it was time to quit working. So now I am stuck with a POS not much better replacement, until I can purchase another. I want a Blackberry. Blackberry expensive. Kristen broke. You get the idea.

I had a really fun day with my Grandma yesterday. The effects if her chemotherapy are finally starting to wear off, which I am so thankful for. She bought us a membership to the High Museum of Art. So yesterday we went to the member preview of the Monet: Waterlilies exhibit that opens on June 6th. It was a very interesting exhibit. Then we went to dinner at a tapas bar called Eclipse de Luna. It was my first time at a tapas restaurant. We had SO much fun. The food was yummy! We had roasted asparagus with manchego cheese, black bean hummus with naan, salmon tacos with cucumber relish and a grilled flat bread with roasted tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese! It was all fantastic! Then we walked over to Cafe Intermezzo and shared a slice of their Canolli was TO DIE FOR! Oh my mouth waters just thinking about that cake. So delish! I had a really fun time with her, and I am so glad she is still here despite the cancer. She is a really special lady and I am so thankful she is my Grandma.


Jenny Brewer said...

28 isn't so bad... haha I didn't realize we were the same age! So glad to hear your Grandma is doing better. :) and I hope you can get a blackberry. They rock!

Kristen said...

Whoa...bahaha..yeah TYPO! I will be 26 on my birthday...not 28! And the funny thing is Jen, I totally thought you were younger than me by a year or so...that's so weird! You don't look your age at all girl!
I hope I can get a crackberry soon mobile carrier sells them for $450...but the unlimited everything plan (calls, test, picture messaging and internet) is only $50 a its worth it.

Julie said...

The foods you ate made me drool just now. OMG it sounds sOOOOOOOOOOO fantastic .