Friday, May 1, 2009

Consumer review: Hair Poufs

So, recently I have been seeing an infomerical about this new product out called Bumpits. These little plastic comb-like things that you put under your hair to "Bump it up" and give that all popular Southern Beauty Queen hair...or look like a B52...take your pick. Well, it just so happens that I wish I was a Southern beauty queen and I love the B52's...alas, I was dying for some of these Bumpits. Being the good little consumer that I am, I almost always do my research before purchasing something online or through an infomerical....does it work? is it a piece of crap? Well, the common consensus on these was that they are crap...they show through your hair...and I have really thin that was no good. Besides...who wants to put something on their head that is comprised of the words BUM and PIT....i mean...GROSS!

However, one blog I read said that Vidal Sassoon had a product out called Hair Poufs that were a much better design than the Bumpits. Also, you can buy them at crazy shipping charges! Well....I got to Ulta...much to my dismay no Hair Poufs....well one pack, but they were blond and one was missing...crap! So I decided to ask if they had any in stock....manager comes back to me with these:

Okay so a little different than the ones I came after. (The ones I was looking for were little tootsie roll shaped things covered in fake hair) But, manager said if I was interested in these she could give me a $3.50 coupon since these were not what I was looking for. I was skeptical...the hair ones seemed obvious because there was less a chance they would show. But, at last I was swayed and decided to go with these. Besides, they rang up on sale for $7.99, plus the $3.50 off...I only ended up paying $5, so that was schweet! So yesterday, I decided to try them out. I had to still tease my hair a little...but I was never able to get this kind of lift without these little babies. They are light as a feather and I didn't even notice they were there! I wore them all day without any discomfort. Annnnnd my hair stayed poufy! Whoo hoo! Here were my results: This is my Top Model face...."You wanna be on top? Na na na na na"

Back of the pouf....a little messy..but hey, this was my first time! Give me a break!
I totally favor my cousin Athena in this picture. These are my Top Model
So, all in all, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wanted to try the hair pouf look. I would still like to get some of the hair tootsie rolls to try...but in the mean time....these are great!!


Jenny Brewer said...

oooh these look like fun! Your hair looks adorable!

Lindsloo22 said...

Awesome. Yes I've been wanting to try bump its for well everytime I see the infomercial. Good to know, I'll have to try those! Awesome!! They look great! Thanks!

Julie said...

Good to know. Bumpits were starting to call my name as well.

heavenlystarr82 said...
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