Thursday, April 2, 2009

Babysitting Adventures, Part 1

Since my Mom, Dad and Uncle are up in PA for my Great Aunt Rosie's funeral, I am staying over at my parent's house taking care of my sister and brother.

Just one night has given me quite and insight in what it will be like when I have kids!

I wrangled Lauren into a walk down to feed Miss Kitty (neighbor's cat) with Nathaniel and I yesterday afternoon. It was a nice little walk and we were all hungry when we got back.

I started cooking dinner while Nathaniel played with his cars and Lauren was on the phone with her boyyyyfriend.

Hot dogs, french fries and broccoli was on the menu tonight. Simple dinner, it didn't take us long to devour.

Then we had to tackle Nathaniel's homework. He has a little attention problem and we suffered though about half. Then I promised them we could go get ice cream at Brusters.

And we did. Lauren had Birthday Cake, Nathaniel had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I had Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It was delish.

Lauren tried to talk me out of making her go to her after school class for the Gateway. I had to promise I would dye her hair before her Florida trip with her boyyyyfriend, to get her to go.

So, we stopped at CVS to buy hair color. Lauren has the longest, not to mention thickest hair you have ever seen in your life. So, I had to buy 2 boxes of color for her. We just barely had enough!

Then it was home, and a bath for Nathaniel. We worked on some pronouns while he was in the tub. Then once he was out and in jammies we worked on another page of his CRCT packet.

Then it was bed for him. We laid down and read Stone Soup, then I tucked him in. But, I am not done yet!

Then I had to color Lauren's hair. As I mentioned before, its so LOOOONG and thick that we used 2 bottles and it took me almost 20 minutes to apply. My back was aching!!

Finally i got to get in jammies and relax and watch King of the Hill and Family Guy on Adult Swim.

Drifted off to sleep about midnight.

About 5am this morning a violent thunderstorm woke me up. I was worried about Nathaniel being scared so I stayed awake for a while listening for him.

Alarm went off at 6:10 to get Lauren up for school. Luckily she popped right up and I didn't have any trouble.

Back to bed until 7:30 when I got up to get Nathaniel ready for school. He got up good too, and dressed himself. We sat and brushed the cat for a while then I drove him to school since it was raining.

Now I am at work. Ready for lunch. Stay tuned for the next episode tomorrow!!

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SweetAsh said...

ice cream huh? *jealous*