Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I am back to the land of the living, but barely. Skipped work on Thursday as I was feeling like crapola when I woke up (which isn’t exactly new and different than the 3-5 previous days but it seemed worse this day) so, I made an appointment with The Doc.

Well, turns out my body is fulfilling its life long dream to become a living, breathing Petri dish, and I am host to a infection, but get this….its Viral and Bacterial? How does that happen?

None the less, I was sent on my merry way with the antibiotics and a warning to stay away from anyone who didn’t want to host my loverly energy-sucking, snot producing germs.

Played hooky again on Friday…and spend most of the weekend resting (or trying though many family occasions seemed to get in the way)

It’s Monday and I am back again. Though not feeling much better. It seems the crap has left my head and found refuge in my chest. Now, instead of blinding sinus headaches, I have a cough. Which is fabulous.

I am stopping for some Vitamin C on my way home. This is just getting ridiculous!

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Keith said...

Nice line: "My body is fulfilling its lifelong dream to become a living, breathing Petri dish."

Sneezing is my interest. Actually, trying to establish a new way to RESPOND to a sneeze - with a whistle. It's called a Gazoon High Twizzle, a mondegreen of "Gesundheit whistle." See it in animation at