Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My bitching finally paid off!

So, after much loud voicing of my opinion, sticking to my guns and contacting of companies and "upper management" I got the e-mail last night that Casio is going to fix my camera under warranty.

Thats freakin right they are because if they didn't at least one of those "upper management" jerks was going to have my camera permanently embedded in their asshole.

Hold on, let me retrace my steps a bit for you. My camera broke a few weeks ago. Yes, the second one I had to buy cause I left the first one in Helen over 4th of July. So the freaking thing is less than 4 months old and the other night it quit working. (See my previous post about that whole incident)

So I package up my little baby and send it on its way to Casio up in good 'ol New Jersey. A few days later I receive an e-mail saying it was going to cost $150 (roughly) to fix my camera. I had the option of paying to get it fixed, paying $7.95 to have it mailed back to me broken or they would oh so kindly "recycle" it for me. "Recycle it meaning fix it and sell it to someone else refurbished.

I flew off the handle at that point. Being as this was Thursday and I had already gotten the bad news about my Grandma (More about that later) I decided I was not going to take this laying down. I called up customer service to get the story on why they decided they would not fix it under warranty. The rude lady on the phone told me that the technician found "evidence of misuse." She could provide no further details on sed evidence. I babied that camera! Never dropped it once...kept it in a hard shell, padded camera case. So the claim of "evidence of misuse" was a complete fabrication, and I told her as such. Then she promptly told me she was "not going to argue with me" Then finally she said she would pass the case on to her supervisor and I would be getting a call.

In the mean time, i visited every consumer watchdog site and posted complaints, contacted Buy Now (The company i bought it through Amazon) and just raised cain with anyone who would listen.

Well, all my bitching finally paid off cause as I mentioned above, they are fixing it! Whooooooo hoooooo!!

Now I just hope it doesn't take months to get it back. Also, go visit Buy Now on They are so great! Someone personally answered all my emails and they contacted Casio and put in a good word to get my camera fixed for me. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!!

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Julie said...

You are made of win!!! I love when the little guy prevails and corporate america pays!!