Monday, October 6, 2008

No rest for the weary

Well, it was the first of all of my hectic October weekends. Saturday my parents had a party at a friend's cabin, so I watched my little bro and picked sis up from her ballet class. It was homecoming at Parkview, where my sister's boyfriend Brandon goes, so we did hair and make-up all afternoon to get her ready. She looked so pretty, and so grown up! I know I am sounded more and more like my grandparents but she is getting so old, I can't believe she is 17.
Then Sunday, we did a family outing to Stone Mountain. I already gave you the 411 on that fun place, so if you were are TARD and did not read my post about the Chili Cook-Off, go and do it. NOW...shoo! go read!

All in all it was a fun weekend. Looking forward to all the fun stuff I have planned for the next 5 weekends, but oh when will I ever get some (much needed) rest?

Here is what you, my fantabulous readers have to look forward to:
Lilburn Daze
Bridal Shower
Halloween B Meet at Linda's (yay!)
Haunted House
Oktoberfest in Helen and weekend at Mountain Lakes resort
Halloween and party at Wild Bills
Camping at Unicoi State Park

Stay tuned!

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