Friday, October 3, 2008

I am too much like my MawMaw

So, I am planning a camping trip for me and some friends up to Unicoi State Park the second weekend in November. Now, most of you that know me, know I am NOT a girl that enjoys the great outdoors. Yes, I am spoiled and prissy, I must have my bathroom with 3ply toilet paper and Egyptian cotton towels..etc. Well, I don't know how or why but I got talked into camping. Tent camping. In the woods.

The strange thing is, I am excited about it. I mean granted, this is a campsite that has bathrooms and showers, electricity and water hookups and all that jazz, but it is still in the woods. I think its the excitement of planning it all. I love to plan, be it a birthday party or vacation, I am all about it. I'm most looking forward to cooking over the campfire...yum! Yay roasted marshmallows!

There is lots to see and do up there...its within hiking distance to Anna Ruby Falls and Helen. It should be a grand ol time. Pray that the weather is nice for us!! Stay tuned for pictures and I'm sure hilarious stories of my weekend communing with nature!

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