Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have a love hate relationship with reality television.

I love reality television. Well, okay, most of it. Some of those shows on MTV and VH1 really make me roll my eyes, but there really is some good, quality reality out there.

Take Jon and Kate plus 8 for instance. Its ugly, its annoying, but oh so real. Screaming, messy kids, a controlling manipulative wife and a laissez faire husband, make for some darn good reality.

I love New York? Not so much.

Thus far, hands down, my favorite reality is Dancing with the Stars. I love the cheese, I love to see the spoiled celebs suffer...i love to see the judges call eachother crazy. Its just fun. BUT...and this is a big BUTT...(pardon the pun) the fact that Chloris Leachman is still there while Jeff, Ted and Kim are gone just makes my blood boil! She is an embarassement to the entire show and she should have been gone from episode one. She just makes a big huge joke out of the whole competition and besides that SHE CAN'T DANCE!!! GRRRRR! It makes me so mad. I wish all these idiots would stop voting for her! She is old, and completely nuts. She needs to be comitted.

Its early in the season, but I have picked a favorite...

Team Brooke!!

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