Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tara is the Biggest Loser (and not in a nice way)

Ok, I am going to bore you all with some Biggest Loser complaints.

I am totally hating that Kristin got voted off last night. Mike is a bitch. So is his Dad...I can't believe how 2 faced Ron is!! Kristin was fabulous (and not just because we share a name!) Not to mention she really needed to be on the ranch and lose more weight! I hope they all go down in flames and Filipe takes the whole thing. He is the only contestant left who hasn't been a lying cheating bitch! Whew..okay...I need a zen moment.

As for Tara...I am really getting sick of that smug "i'm better than you" smile she constantly has plastered across her face. Yes, she is kicking butt...but what happened to being humble? Isn't pride one of the 7 deadly sins? I really just want to slap that look off her face. And all the whining about Laura leaving? Get over it! Every contestant left, save Ron and Mike, have had their partner leave the ranch. Its hard, it sucks, we know. But suck it up for real. She was hurt, she needed to leave.

Ahh...feels good to pitch that little bitch fit.

Side note: Totally happy that Lawrence Taylor got voted off Dancing With The was his time to go! I am still torn between Melissa and Shawn....and still hating Cheryl....


39 Doing Fine said...

I couldn't agree more. This season has just stunk in that the people I hated most made the final four.

1. Mike- voted off Kristen. Enough said.

2. Ron- I swear has been below the yellow line more than anyone. Arogant, two faced jerk.

3. Tara - OMG. Shut the **** up! She opens her mouth and it's all "ME me me me me me me... I I I I I. I HATE her! I swear the producers slanted everything in her favor so she would win every challenge. It was just plain sickening.

4. Helen- Helen should be Tara's mom. What kind of mother throws her own daughter under the bus. I lost all respect for her right then and there... and she's a total game player. Hate her.

If one of these jerks HAS to win, I suppose I would prefer it be Mike... ANYONE but freaking TARA!

Sweetser said...

Tara is the worst thing to happen to primetime television...ever. If she does win, I hope she gains it back.

Kristen said...

Yay! I am so happy to have some people agree with far..nothing but people cheering for Mike and Tara. Bluh. After last night I don't even want to watch the show anymore...makes me so mad!

39 Doing Fine said...

So, of the remaining 4, who would you consider the least of the win? Again, I guess I'm thinking Mike... simply because I hate Helen and Tara so much.

I am tempted not to even watch the finale... except that I want to see how well the at home candidates did. Does the at home winner still get $100K? If so, I would LOVE to see someone like cool get $100K as an at home winner and then see the likes of Tara and Helen lose in the final 4!

So, who is your favorite of the at home crowd?