Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wish and just keep on wishing cause it ain't gonna happen.

Well yeah, just bored at work wishing that someone would post an interesting blog for me to read to waste some time. Then it occured to me. Well, guess I should just blog myself. Seeing how its been months and all.

Blah. Whatev.

Sometimes I just don't feel like writing (or typing as the case may be) all my thoughts down. Sometimes I like to keep them bottled up so they can fester and turn into something worse. Ha. Nice huh?

Im feeling especially moody and morose today. Maybe its the fact that i owe thousands in taxes in just a few short months without a dime to my name. Maybe its the fact that i'm not sure where gas money is going to come from next week. Maybe its the shitty rain outside. Maybe its my depressing job. Maybe.

I have this really narssisistic habit of looking at things I can't afford. For instance, my lease is up on the hell hole i call an apartment and pay almost $800 a month for in April. I know i will be stuck there for another year miserable,cause its what I can afford, yet I sit here and look at all these gorgeous apartments with wood floors, and granite countertops with kitchen islands and new appliances. All for only....$1300 a month! What a deal! What a steal! Ugh. I have the distinct feeling I will be living in poverty my entire life.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood isn't it?

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