Thursday, October 16, 2008

I haven't got a clue...

Call me childish, or a kid a heart, but I love boardgames. I know kids today are all about Wii and PSP and DS and all that other handheld honkey, but I am all for old fashioned game night.

One of my tried and true all time favorites is, of course, Clue. My most favorite, was the 1970's retro version found at my Paw Paws. Classic! Dusty and antique smelling, it totally satisfied my board game hunger.
We had the newer, renovated early 2000's version at my house, but it was still the same ol Clue. And of course Professor Plum did it in the Ballroom with the lead pipe.

Well, Hasbro went and dunnit. They changed my sacred old Clue! I did not want to, but I had to check out what abomination they turned one of my favorite board games into.

Now, Cassandra Scarlet did it in the spa with the dumbell.....wait...the Spa? with the dumbbell? Yep. Its all new! There is an Observatory, the Spa, the guest house, the theater, the patio.

Jacob Green could kill you with poison, a trophy, a dumbbell, an axe, a baseball bat or a pistol with a silencer!(I'll always call it the revolver!)
Its also got new cards, with cheats like getting another turn or getting to see a card from another player. Also, each player starts out with a personality card that gives each one a cheat right off the bat.

I am so Bah Humbug about these new cheat cards. Why make the game easier? I mean okay, change the rooms, change the weapons...whatev....but don't change my game!!

I guess its just a sign of the times....

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athena said...

LAME! thats like when they change life, just leave the games like they are...idiots