Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabulous Fall Fun!

Whooo! We had an awesome time in the mountains this past weekend! Sorry I am so tardy in posting about it, I haven’t been feeling awesome this week. All this CRRazy weather has got me all messed up! Also I have been hard at work on my Halloween costume. Its pretty freakin’ awesome, and totally original! More on that later…

So, not all the leaves were changing yet, but it was still really beautiful. Our condo has a really nice porch overlooking the lake with a porch swing so I enjoyed sitting out there and looking at the view.

Friday was pretty tame, we all just got there and settled in. My Maw Maw made some delicious Sloppy Joes and Mac n Cheese. Saturday was a lot of fun, we decided to do something a little different and visit Yonah Bowl and Skate…YEP! It’s a bowling alley and skating rink all in one! We had a good time skating…and even my Dad joined in on the fun! Unfortunately the bowling alley was closed for the Senior bowling tournament so, skating was the extent of our thrilling afternoon.

Saturday night was our ever cheesy, but totally fun Halloween “party”. We have fun Halloween themed food, play games and tell ghost stories. This year we had toe jam dip, mummy dogs with diarrhea and vomit, and fingers with blood. For desert, we had vampire blood punch, Cemetery Dirt Pudding and bloodshot mummy eyeballs. It was deeeeeesgusting, wait I mean deeeeelicious?
Then Sunday we went into town and spent time being tourists, shopping for pumpkin pie and maple pecan fudge at Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen, and for all kinds of fun goodies at Betty’s Country Store.

A grand time was had by all! It was a fun weekend.

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